BBC Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert I

with Chloe Hanslip & Danny Driver

Tues 8 Sept 1pm

Presented by Kate Molleson

Concert also available live on BBC Radio 3

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Duration: approx. 1 hour

Violin Sonata No 1 in D major Op 12
Five Melodies

Violin Sonata No 10 in G major Op 96


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In co-production with BBC Radio 3

In co-production with BBC Radio 3

Chloe Hanslip and Danny Driver have won well-deserved plaudits for their recordings of Beethoven’s sonatas. They open this series of lunchtime recitals with a tribute to him in his 250th anniversary year, ending not with Beethovenian strife but with the serene, soaring balm of his last violin sonata dedicated to his pupil and patron, the Archduke Rudolph.

Chloë Hanslip and Danny Driver are both engaging and extremely accomplished artists . . . they create a world in which you want to spend time.

The Gramophone

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Holy Trinity Church, Haddington

Holy Trinity stands on the site of a Franciscan friary (the original ‘Lamp of Lothian’ before that title passed to St Mary’s Church nearby) which was built here in the 13th Century. The friary was demolished in 1572, and almost two centuries later, in 1769, work was begun on a ‘qualified’ Anglican chapel which was finally consecrated as Holy Trinity in 1815. The present chancel was added and the interior remodelled in an attractive neo-Byzantine style in 1930.


Holy Trinity Church, Haddington