Tantallon! These Lands This Wall

Music William Sweeney
Words Aonghas MacNeacail

Red Note Ensemble
Culture Creative

For the third year running Lammermuir Festival presents a spectacular site-specific music event unique to East Lothian.

One of Scotland’s most spectacular historic sites, Tantallon Castle is the setting for a brilliant music and light show which will bring the building, its story and East Lothian’s extraordinary past spectacularly alive.

Hear Tantallon tell its tales of intrigue, battle, witchcraft and downfall with a powerful musical score. Marvel at unforgettable images projected on the castle’s walls using amazing, state-of-the-art technology.

“Tantallon vast;
Broad, massive, high
and stretching far,
And held impregnable in war,
On a projecting rock it rose,
And round three sides the
ocean flows.”
Sir Walter Scott


Please refer to our Tickets page to book parking and transport for this event.

Monday the 17th of September is a local holiday.

Running time 50min approx

Tantallon tickets and transport must be booked in advance. Tickets will not be available on the door. Cars without a car parking ticket cannot be accommodated.

This is an outdoor promenade event.  Attenders are able to move around during the event, but are asked not to disturb other audience’s enjoyment of the show.

There are no covered areas and no seating is provided on the grass area where the show is projected. Therefore you may want to bring something to sit on, be it a rug or a folding chair. Also please wrap up warmly and wear robust footwear.

We advise you bring at least one torch with your party as the site will be very dark on exit, and this will assist when leaving the castle after the event.


2011 Lammermuir Festival at the Concorde Hangar, National Museum of Flight.

“A stunning achievement…a brilliant production which showed with stunning force and striking detail the multi- media potential of modern technology… the audience were mesmerized and silent before their cheers started up.”
Huffington Post

“It was the use of space, and in particular Concorde – the bling-est of all possible stage props – that
stole the show. The event was part of the Lammermuir Festival that uses striking and unexpected venues around East Lothian. Kudos to whoever thought of including this one.”
The Guardian


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Tantallon Castle

Tantallon was the last truly great castle built in Scotland. It was a mediaeval ‘castle of enclosure’, characterised by very thick, high stone walls enclosing a courtyard, with massive towers on the main curtain wall. Built for William, the 1st Earl of Douglas, in the 1350s it epitomised the power of a great nobleman and its spectacular situation on the edge of a steep-cliffed promontory made it impregnable for centuries. In the 1380s, the Douglases split into two factions and Tantallon became the stronghold of the mighty Red Douglases, Earls of Angus. Over 300 years it was besieged three times, finally succumbing in 1651 to prolonged and devastating attack by Cromwell’s artillery. Since then it has stood as one of Scotland’s most magnificent and evocative ruins.


Tantallon Castle

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