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Festival Tummy - Lammermuir Festival

I woke up this morning with an old familiar affliction – festival tummy.  It is a mixture of anticipation and sheer blind terror.  The following is a subset of my thoughts this am

  • Lovely day – hope we’have had the equinoctial gales early
  • Hope Emily Hoile’s travel from New York was OK overnight for her to do Radio 3 in Tune this afternoon
  • Must get measurements of harp for my wife to collect in Newcastle on Sunday night on way back from leaving our daughter at Leeds Uni.  Hope it fits the car!
  • Sales look really good.
  • Team now setting in with new members Kyriakos (marketing) and Frances (concerts) beginning to lose that windswept look of information overload
  • Gosh this is a nice office
  • Who is going to cancel?
  • Think we’re further ahead than this time last year, what have I forgotten
  • Must get car valeted.  Can’t put Alison Balsom in that tip
  • This is going to be real fun
  • Yesterday’s Scotsman article was to die for.
  • Why does Ken Walton think East Lothian is South of Edinburgh
  • Off to Perth for