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It Makes You Smile - Lammermuir Festival

Now that I’m winding up the PR for this year’s Lammermuir Festival, I have a lot to report about what went on at this year’s festival: great reviews, feature articles and and hundreds of photographs documenting the event. But as the last of the reviews come in and it’s time to collate the clippings, compile a library of all the photos, report on who came and what appeared, and yes, start to think about next year, the importance of actually being there and hearing live performances is what is foremost in my thoughts.

Experiencing these great festival moments is a real inspiration, and it’s important for me to make sure that members of the press and media come and experience them for themselves. You’ve got to be there to be able to convey the full, wonderful effect of these beautiful places and landscapes, filled with beautiful music.  (I’m a fan of our strapline)

For a long time, I will remember the feeling of being utterly immersed – almost swimming – in Philip Glass’ music in the Concorde Hangar. That was one of the most amazing musical experiences and definitely one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments.  Meeting Alison Balsom and hearing her play live was another real musical treat. And it was fantastic seeing audience members leaving concert after concert beaming from ear to ear.

So as I write my strategy for 2012, and hatch plans to lure journalists north from their busy London desks to East Lothian, I’ll be remembering these moments and that the Lammermuir Festival does something else as well as bring you lovely music. It makes you smile

Jane Nicolson – PR