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Beautiful Music, Beautiful Places

Lammermuir Festival Autumn Special 2020

Throughout 2020 we really hoped to be able to present some live performances in September for our audiences. Thanks to the wonderful support of our donors and Friends we were absolutely delighted to be able to present 12 live and streamed as live performances including 4 in partnership with BBC Radio 3.

The programme was broadcast from Haddington’s beautiful Holy Trinity Church, and offered a typical Lammermuir blend of old friends and fresh new faces. Artists in residence Sean Shibe, Philip Higham and Roman Rabinovich returned as did the Navarra String Quartet, Joshua Ellicott, and Tom Poster with festival debuts for brilliant violinist Chloë Hanslip and virtuoso trumpeter Matilda Lloyd. And we also welcomed the Dunedin Consort, members of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra as presented as a co-production with Scottish Opera of Janacek’s Diary of One who Disappeared, live from The Theatre Royal in Glasgow.

The Times 14.09.2020
This small festival is big on ideas.

The Scotsman 18.09.2020
In spite of taking place online this year, the 2020 Lammermuir Festival still captured time and place beautifully . . . It’s impressive stuff, well thought through, and more importantly, with its videos drenched in early autumn light from Haddington’s Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, it also serves to convey the live festival’s spirit of beautiful music in beautiful places.

Seen & Heard International 12.09.2020
Scotland’s Lammermuir Festival, whose online offering for 2020 would shame many other festivals in a good year . . . I have written every year about how much I love going to this festival, tucked away in the pastoral beauty of East Lothian, only an hour from central Edinburgh . . . An ambitious online programme that presents twelve concerts over twelve days, and this first week has been wonderful . . . production values are high, with sensitive camera work and excellent sound. I have felt completely immersed in everything I have watched so far . . .

The Times 09.09.2020
The festival has no audience but, undaunted, they have put together an impressive live online programme . . .
Artists play in the flesh in the Holy Trinity Church in Haddington, and you can watch live online, or anytime up to two weeks afterwards . . . They’re charging for the events, but that sends an important message that live music is valuable and worth paying for. Furthermore, their prices are a bargain, especially when the standard of artists is so high . . . It’s a classy production, with sensitive filming and excellent sound. The spark of the live event comes across, so it’s not only a great performance: it’s a proper concert.

‘It’s not just the Festival’s programmes that entice, it’s the venues too’
BBC Music Magazine

‘Locations and music in perfect harmony’
The Scotsman

‘The combination of countryside, lovely weather and transcendental music-making constituted one of the best musical experiences of my life’
Audience member

‘The festival is the highlight of my year. The programming is unvaryingly top class and the performers are all wonderful artists’
Audience member