Stile Antico – Treasures of the Renaissance

St Anne's Episcopal Church, Dunbar

Programme includes works by

Tomkins, Sheppard, Clemens non Papa, Lassus, Byrd, Tallis, McCabe, Vivanco and Praetorius

Stile Antico

A rich and enticingly varied journey through some of the most outstanding music of the Renaissance, from the distinctive and exquisite sound-world of Tudor and Jacobean England, through the fervour of the Flemish masters, to the polychoral fireworks of Vivanco and Praetorius. And from our own time, John McCabe’s Woefully arrayed, a tour-de-force written to a mediaeval text especially for Stile Antico.

“The real test of musicians whose work you’ve loved on recordings is whether they sound as good in person… Stile Antico passed that test with a perfectly exquisite performance”
St Louis Post-Dispatch

Running time 1 hour 30 mins

St Anne’s Episcopal Church, Dunbar

St Anne's, mother of the Virgin Mary, was one of the saints widely venerated in East Lothian in the middle ages and there was a mediaeval chapel dedicated to her near Holy Trinity Church in Haddington. The foundation stone of Dunbar’s charming little episcopal church was laid in 1888 and after the original architect Hew M Wardrop died it was completed in Gothic Revival style by the leading Scottish architect of the day, Sir Robert Rowand Anderson.

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St Anne’s Episcopal Church, Dunbar


St Anne’s Episcopal Church, Dunbar
EH42 1JL

Getting there by bus

Services to Dunbar via Edinburgh, Haddington and North Berwick and Berwick upon Tweed. All stop at Dunbar High Street.

Getting there by train

Dunbar Station is on the east coast mainline and has frequent trains running through the station.

Getting there by car

The town is off the A1



On street and car park (free for 2 hours)


Tarmac and slabs

2 but not adaptable

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