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Incredible support for Lammermuir Festival pours in - Lammermuir Festival

We would like to thank all of you who have taken the time to share your affection for and belief in the value of the Lammermuir Festival.

Here we share some of the quotes and comments we have received both directly and through our social channels.

If you have not yet commented but wish to we’d love to hear from you. Your passion for this festival makes us even more determined to secure its future. There are more details on how to share your thoughts below.

From Facebook:

Such madness. If Creative Scotland won’t support a festival like this what ARE they spending money on? Divine concerts the last two days by the Kaleidoscope Chamber Collective.

Such as shame and the opportunities provided by The Lammermuir Festival for the young musicians in the local community have also been world class! – Jonathan Gawn (East Lothian IMS)

I really hope the support can be found. Clearly a successful annual event

Shocking!! – Sonia Stevenson (Artistic Director at The Lichfield Festival, Head of Music Patron at Sound and Music and Chair at British Arts Festivals Association)

We are appalled and outraged at Creative Scotland‘s decision to refuse funding for The Lammermuir Festival! Over the last 7 years, we have worked alongside over 1500 children, young people and adults from the local community as part of a wide-ranging and integrated community opera outreach programme and as McOpera and Scottish Opera musicians we have been part of the journey of this incredible festival – this decision amounts to nothing short of cultural vandalism! Shame on you Creative Scotland!

As one of the “beautiful places” and main venues for this amazing local classical music festival disappointing to learn it is now in real jeopardy. #LammermuirFestival – St Mary’s Church Haddington

Utterly appalled by this cultural vandalism – whether as audience member, community opera facilitator or Scottish Opera performer, the Lammermuir Festival has always represented what is most valuable in our nation’s creative life. Fight this all the way. – Sue Baxendale

As musicians and educators, we are absolutely appalled at this cultural vandalism – the community opera strand with its huge casts, orchestras and schools programmes drawn from across East Lothian has been a formative part of so many young musicians’ lives locally and has fulfilled the creative life of all our professional singers, creatives, instrumentalists and workshop leaders. This cannot be allowed to disappear! – McOpera

A real shame – for the Festival, for the musicians, for the churches, buildings and businesses of East Lothian, for our community, for all who benefit from the wonderful world class music in our beautiful county. #LammermuirFestival

We are left speechless at Creative Scotland’s decision to withdraw funding from the totally brilliant Lammermuir festival! The programming is outstanding , the concerts so inspiring and of the highest calibre. We now go to Lammermuir festival concerts instead of the Edinburgh festival. We lived in London for 20 years and now live in East Lothian. One of the top 5 concerts we have EVER attended took place in Dunbar church a few nights ago- Alina Ibragimova and Steven Osborne. We will never forget it! PLEASE RETHINK YOUR DECISION CREATIVE SCOTLAND! I sincerely hope that AGEISM hasn’t played a part in your decision!?

This is appalling news. Please email the Festival team with your comments so they can pass on comments to Creative Scotland or get in touch with Creative Scotland directly. All the posts here show just how valued this festival is: the sky high quality of the musicians, the unusual venues and the truly CREATIVE programming. The cultural benefits to the county and to Scotland are incalculable and there is also a considerable economic gain for local businesses too.

So much good for so many years and then yet another short-sighted government just pulls the plug. Get it funded. #musicislife #supportthearts – Hilgrove Kenrick (composer)

We’re incredibly sad to hear of this decision. We have loved being part of this amazing festival. It’s been such a valuable platform for our young East Lothian singers. – Dunbar Voices

On X (Twitter):

We’re startled to hear that Creative Scotland @CreativeScots has turned down vital funding for the RPS Award-winning @LammermuirFest which does so much to inspire and fortify East Lothian with music. Here’s what Creative Scotland said when the festival won its RPS Award…

“Since it was established, the Festival’s artistic directors have sought out some of East Lothian’s unique spaces as the setting for top-flight Scottish, UK and international artists to perform. Creative Scotland is delighted that the range and depth of the festival’s… 2/4

…2016 programme has been celebrated by the RPS in this way. Lammermuir’s nomination as the only Scottish festival in this year’s Concert Series and Festivals category highlights the vibrancy of Scotland’s musical life which delights audiences from around the world.” 3/4

Full quote here  @RoyalPhilSoc

We are saddened to hear about Lammermuir losing their financial support from Creative Scotland. Our thoughts are with our friends and colleagues who work so hard to deliver the festival as well as with the musicians and audiences that get so much pleasure from it. This highlights the vulnerability of the arts in Scotland at this time, and the pressures that Creative Scotland are under to support it. We hope the Scottish Gov realises this and will be able to make more funding available to allow the arts and culture to flourish. – Sound Scotland

What? This is ridiculous! @LammermuirFest adds so much to the musical tapestry of Scotland and enriches life in East Lothian. One of the reasons I moved here! Please think again @Iain_Munro @CreativeScots @AngusRobertson@ChristinaSNP #LammermuirFestival – Monica Wilkinson (Dalcroze teacher @RCStweets, violin and Dalcroze @stmarys_music.)

It would be unthinkable to allow a cultural jewel of this kind, with its extraordinary record of programming, audience building, and community engagement, to decline and vanish. Please think again @creativescots @iain_munro@AngusRobertson @ChristinaSNP – Danny Driver (pianist)

This is awful news, the Lammermuir Festival is doing a great job and deserves support. I appreciate CS can’t fund everything but if the government wants to keep Scotland’s world class arts scene, a rethink of the funding process is vital.

Latest news in “Scotland’s arts being utterly decimated” is the wonderful Lammermuir festival I’ve been enjoying for years now, one of the most wonderful music festivals for lovers of classical and early music. ?

Scottish Cultural demolition at its very finest. A fabulous festival, agree with their comments about affordable tickets, and a massive outreach programme to. What an absolute joke, also just days before the festival begins.

The @LammermuirFest is an irreplaceable treasure. Let’s all do everything we possibly can to ensure it enjoys a long, healthy, happy future. (I come from America specifically for the Festival every year, which should demonstrate how highly I value it!)

A ridiculous decision by @creativescots During my time in East Lothian, @LammermuirFest was always a musical highlight of the year. @iain_munro @AngusRobertson @ChristinaSNP

One of my all time favourite concerts was @LammermuirFest playing with @rednoteensemble in the Concorde hangar at East Fortune. Especially brilliant playing Vox Balaenae by George Crumb in that acoustic. Amazing!! Grateful to@LammermuirFest for making it happen!!! @CreativeScots

Absolutely stunned and baffled by @CreativeScots decision to cease funding the @LammermuirFest on grounds of EDI and Fair Work! Really?!! With an outreach strand which engaged with 1700 children, young people and adults as participants and audience this year alone? – McOpera

This is dreadful news – absolutely brilliant festival in so many ways – why cut something that is doing all the things you’re supposed to want from the cultural sector – and doing them world class.

Lammermuir would be a huge loss – for audiences, for artists, for participants, for Scotland & for the UK. Please reconsider @CreativeScots – this festival is an asset to be prized & supported. – Christopher Glynn (pianist and Director of Ryedale Festival)

Last night I was buzzing with ideas after attending a @LammermuirFest concert Today I am shocked that@CreativeScots has turned down an application for funding. On what grounds? Music brings people and communities together @Iain_Munro @AngusRobertson @ChristinaSNP

Absolutely dreadful news from a fantastic festival that @pianomalk and I appeared at a year ago, broadcast by@BBCRadio3. Hang your heads in shame, @CreativeScots, don’t take a leaf out of @ace_national’s playbook. – Jennifer Johnston

I cannot think of any reasonable justification for @CreativeScots withholding funding from the wonderful, inspiring & often adventurous @LammermuirFest. They bring world-class artists to a loyal, local audience every year in a hugely varied and inspiring programme. Pls Reconsider – Stuart McRae

The @LammermuirFest is a brilliant & much loved celebration of classical music that in 2022 generated £780,000 of economic benefit for East Lothian. I hope – even at this late stage – Creative Scotland will think again. – Douglas Alexander

This is truly shocking news; extraordinary to hear it when I’m actually here at a festival that is obviously thriving and engaging so imaginatively with its local community, bringing the very best international artists to the coastal villages and towns of East Lothian.

My heart goes out to you. One of my favourite festivals in Scotland, when I get the chance to go. Performed with NYCoS numerous times at the festival and was really inspiring on my journey as a musician. Hope you can get the mess sorted out

We are currently at the festival and feel strongly that this is another huge misstep by a UK arts funding body – becoming all too common, but still avoidable. We join with others to urge @CreativeScots to rethink. – @TheGesualdoSix

We are performing at the @LammermuirFest tonight, and we are astonished and appalled by the rash decision of@CreativeScots to deny funding to this wonderful and essential part of our cultural life. – @FretworkViols

Fèis shònraichte tha seo. This is a hugely important Festival that supports music, especially classical musicians. C’mon@CreativeScots and @scottishgov, put yer sporrans where yer gobs are. Music is music, Mr Gershwin, as Pàdraig Mòr MacCruimein might have said…

This is devastating news. I’ve performed at Lammermuir many times, and it has always been a brilliantly welcoming festival with a diverse programme of events, and these days frankly one of few opportunities to perform north of the border. @CreativeScots please reconsider! – Eleanor Minney @minneymezzo

Sometimes you get the feeling that, just as you manage to patch one leak, another ruptures elsewhere. I’m not clear why some of our best artistic institutions are being dismantled in this way. Yes, it’s all about money… but music is an expression of what it is to be human. – Roderick Williams @RCGWbaritone

Incredibly sad. A healthy arts scene makes for healthy communities. Organisations like @LammermuirFest contribute so much. @CreativeScots @scotgov for a relatively small amount of money you get so much back! Please re-think and make this work.

The Lammermuir Festival is a World Class event which enriches the cultural life of Scotland and reaches out beyond.@CreativeScots Please do all you can to ensure that this award winning festival has a secure future.

@LammermuirFest @CreativeScots @Iain_Munro @AngusRobertson @ChristinaSNP Incredibly disappointing to find the Lammermuir Festival is declined Creative Scotland support funding at last moment despite guidance in applications. We must not let cities only place to share music

How can this be? Please reconsider. @LammermuirFest has given so much. – @seanstshibe

A swift & significant groundswell of dismay & anger at the treatment of @LammermuirFest with the loss of its@creativescots funding. The furore may be giving the Scottish Government a taste of what it can expect if other companies, venues & events are cut. – Brian Ferguson

Very sad to read this news. It would cost a lot more money if all the attentive, smiling people who were in the audience around me at Lammermuir events this week needed mental health care because they had nothing in their lives to inspire them.

A wonderful festival bringing really world class talent to a beautiful (but artistically under represented) area.

Such a shocking decision… so sad to hear that this vibrant festival is in jeopardy… please support where you can! – @sualeecello

This is astonishing news. Of all artistic ventures in Scotland, I can’t think of many that deserve their @CreativeScotsfunding more! A true jewel in the crown of Scottish culture. True excellence from top to bottom. Please reconsider@iain_munro. @AngusRobertson @ChristinaSNP

Northbound to sing Bach, Schubert, Gardel and McCartney with @ryanaccordion at @LammermuirFest tmw. We’re excited to be there again but baffled and furious about this decision by @CreativeScots – very much hope they’ll reconsider. – @NickMulroy

A shocking and baffling decision. Lammermuir is one of the most treasured festivals. Taking arts out of the cities into rural Scotland, surely something @CreativeScots should be supporting.

@LammermuirFest is a beacon of excellence and inclusion for classical music in Scotland. You only need to flick through its photos to see how a wealth of talented artists from a minority background have been supported and showcased. Please think again @CreativeScots

Another splendid concert at the @LammermuirFest with lots of young talent excelling. Well done to all those who make this season happen . Think again @creativescots

You won an RPS Award!!! What more do you need to do to deserve funding from Creative Scotland?

@Stmaryskirk looks a little different in this stunning photo @anglophilehoo but always there as home of@LammermuirFest which must go on.

I simply don’t understand what is needed in order to secure funding anymore. If concerts were attended by one man and a dog, I might be concerned, but it seems to me that the festival is very busy, largely because it attracts world class performers. To East Lothian.

Unfortunately @CreativeScots aren’t interested in audiences. Or quality. Much happier funding per quality work that no one wants to see. And massaging the egos of certain artists.

Seriously disappointed that @creativescots has stopped funding the glorious @LammermuirFest. Seriously? After everything it has achieved? Nuts.

This is dreadful from @CreativeScots. Please support the @LammermuirFest. – @MusicTippett

This is so sad. @CreativeScots should be supporting the arts outside cities and this is a great example. Have they given reasons for this or feedback?

The talented young musicians of @LethamMains Primary in our 2022/23 @LammermuirFest @ELCouncil YMI outreach programme, creating a better, more sustainable future in opera for over 540 primary pupils in 7 schools! Dear Leaders@CreativeScots, listen to them. Photos Julie Broadfoot – @McOperaScot

@LammermuirFest is more than just a festival – it’s programmes access schools, community groups and families across East Lothian – @CreativeScots please keep funding this resource for future generations

“Osborne was magnificent, his tried and tested mastery of Tippett’s elusive language colouring this performance with a vital luminescence and mind-blowing virtuosity” A fitting finale, with @BBCSSO , to a @LammermuirFest under threat.@stevenosborne – @VoxCarnyx

Will be writing a full column soon, but here’s a brief on the @LammermuirFest funding cut. This inexplicable decision & the inevitable backlash highlights how badly broken the public funding of Scottish culture is now & the need for urgent repairs before more damage is done. – Brian Ferguson (full thread here:

Instagram comments:

This decision makes no sense. The Lammermuir Festival opens all kind of doors. Through music making it facilitates all kinds of connections between people, buildings and landscape, between the past and the present. The converts I have attended in different venues have helped me to understand the connections between both the past and the present times.

@creativescots Give them the money. You’ve made mistakes like this before. Stop it. – Sean Shibe

The positive impact of Lammermuir Festival on the local and wider communities needs to be recognised and supported!!!

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